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Private Training - 30 minutes

From $83 per visit with Private Training 30 Minute - 10 Session Pack passPurchase required to enroll Show full pricing
30 minute sessions are great for those in a time crunch or intermediate clients interested in a quick focused workout.
These private sessions are also nice supplements to regular SWEAT or Semi Private classes.

Pri­vate 1-on-1 train­ing is all about you.
It pro­vides the lux­ury of every sec­ond being cus­tom tai­lored to your schedule, your goals, your train­ing speed, and your results.
With pri­vate ses­sions we will track your body fat percent­age, full body mea­sure­ments, weight, and even keep pri­vate pho­tos to show you how your body is changing.
We are there every step of the way.

Morning Afternoon Evening
Jun 18 Monday 0 0 0
Jun 19 Tuesday 5 Times Available 0 0
Jun 20 Wednesday 13 Times Available 44 Times Available 0
Jun 21 Thursday 20 Times Available 0 0
Jun 22 Friday 27 Times Available 0 0